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Advice in national and international financing

Jan van Bergeijk is qualified in setting up and closing national and international financing
for building projects in cooperation with World Bank, IFC, African Development Bank, Finexpo complemented with national and international banks.

Advice in framework agreements

Expansion of the port of Zeebrugge

In the development of the port of Zeebrugge, the government and other agencies were involved alongside private companies. The versatility of such projects involves a wide range of interests. Terms and conditions were laid down in a framework agreement to secure the long-term cooperation between parties.

The drafting of such an agreement is a legal matter, one which Jan van Bergeijk is familiar with. He has expertise in financial contracts that are generally made up in a framework agreement.



Advice in concession agreements

Liefkenshoektunnel Antwerpen

The realization of the Liefkenshoektunnel is an example of a private financing under the legal form of a concession. This tunnel could not be built with public funds alone. Therefore, the government opted for a private financing under the legal form of a concession.

During the construction period, the Temporary Association NV De Meyer, NV Van Laere and NV Betonac acted as concessionaire responsible for the construction of the tunnel. As soon as the construction activities were completed, NV Tunnel Liefkenshoek became concessionaire and operator.

Jan van Bergeijk was closely involved in this project, both as director of De Meyer and of NV Tunnel Liefkenshoek. Thanks to his experience with concession agreements, Jan van Bergeijk is qualified to lead similar projects.



Advice in promotion agreements

Shopping Center Zuid

As director of De Meyer, Jan van Bergeijk was closely involved in the development, financing and realization of the Urbis complex at Gent Zuid. The project was developed by, among other things, a promotional agreement with the province of East Flanders, after which a multifunctional complex was established consisting of Shopping Center Zuid, underground parking space, offices and apartments.

 Shopping Center Zuid

Shopping Center Zuid

Advice in Public Private Partnership Agreements

During his career, Jan van Bergeijk gained the necessary experience with Public Private Partnerships (PPP). A PPP is a partnership in which the public and private sector, with preservation of their own identity and responsibilities, jointly realize a project. Through this kind of partnerships, the government wants to use the intellect and innovative power of the private market.

Public-private partnership can relate to various sectors and projects, such as infrastructure projects like for instance road construction, bridges, and tunnels, the development of a city area, the construction and operation of residential care centres, the construction of a prison , the construction and operation of a business complex.


Construction of depots and new tram lines for De Lijn

An example of a public-private partnership is the construction of depots and new tram lines with underground stations for De Lijn, the Flemish transport company.

These depots provide for the maintenance of busses. The new tram lines make use of old unused underground metro lines, which are re-adapted and secured for use.

The construction was done via a so-called DBFM procedure, whereby the private partner is responsible for the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the complex for 25 years.

 De Lijn

De Lijn

Advice for development, promotion, financing of construction and real estate projects

Starting a real estate project isn’t something that goes without saying. It automatically involves a large number of questions. Jan van Bergeijk investigates the potential of your project and gives you advice. From architect to developer, from developer to builder and finally the sale.

Jan supervises your project, thinks about the partnerships and is responsible for the development and promotion.

Molenkouter Merelbeke

As co-investor, director and developer, Jan van Bergeijk is closely involved in the development of the Molenkouter sports complex in Merelbeke, a project in close collaboration with the municipal authorities.

This project provides for the construction of 4 football fields with stadium and the construction of an athletics track which meets national standards.

 Molenkouter Merelbeke

Molenkouter Merelbeke

Advice on merger and takeover counselling

Jan van Bergeijk is also active in advising and guiding companies in transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

Jan provides financial and legal support and offers an integrated tailor-made solution.