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Over the past decades, Jan van Bergeijk has built up a vast financial expertise crucial for the realization of enormous international projects. With 33 years of management experience in medium-sized and large construction companies, he has experience in various transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, financing, framework agreements, concession contracts, and Public Private Partnership Agreements.

Jan van Bergeijk started his career at Boskalis, one of the largest dredging companies in the world. He moved to Belgium in 1979 to work for the construction company L.L & N De Meyer, at that time a participation of the same group.

From 1997, Jan is active at Denys, a company located in Wondelgem. The company is known for the realization of complex national and international construction projects and infrastructure works. Being part of the Executive Board he is responsible for the strategic financial management, Human Resources and I.T. of the organization.

In addition, he founded his own company NV WEAM, whose name is made up with the initial letters of his children. The activity of WEAM is twofold and consists of advice and creation. The financial expertise of Jan van Bergeijk is translated into giving advice and guidance to companies in the field of management, development, promotion, financing and construction of construction and real estate projects.

Martha Zwaan, the wife of Jan van Bergeijk, takes care of the part “creation” of the company WEAM. She makes unique pieces of ceramics in her studio in Schelderode. Her creative work has various applications and consists of all kinds of decorative objects.